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Yay for introduction posts!
by The Big Bad Bitch (gungho_squirrel)
at December 8th, 2005 (02:48 am)

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Hey all. I thought I better introduce myself here. I've been meaning to for awhile, but basically am just rather lazy when it comes to such things. Hehe.

Well, obviously I'm Otherkin and I don't see it in the way that most others do, so I really won't get into it. Mainly I'm a dragon. But I have a female centaur side, a prevost squirrel side and a buckskin draft side. On top of that my dragon is a "shifter" to an extent. It's complicated... and... I don't like being considered a "power gamer" in the community just because I have multiple sides. But no I'm not a "multiple." You will never hear me refer to myself as a "system" or talk about my Otherkin sides as seperate entities. I will not refer to my various spiritual representations as a group with tags such us "us" and "our." I am just me of one body and one mind. One soul and one spirit. And no I'm not a hybrid. My sides do not mesh together to form one being.

Anyhow, on top of the mess that is Otherkin, I am Christian. I believe in an almighty God and the lord Jesus Christ. My beliefs walk along a Mormon path than anything else as far as Christianity is concerned. However, I am also a shaman. I believe in animal spirits, guides and totems. I believe in the ability of communing with nature and the "magical" powers of the earth. On top of this I am a believer in evolutionist theory at the hand of God. So... I don't know if there's a special term for that belief or not. I'm not very savvy as far as terminology is concerned. I think there are far too many labels for things these days.

Anyhow, I guess you could say I'm a mish mash of a lot of things, but part of it is Christian. To really try and delve into every little belief I have would probably be to write a novel, so I'll try and leave it as simple as I can. Feel free to ask questions though, as I'm always open to discussion.

I look foreward to meeting others with similar beliefs! :)

[All that being said, may I request to the Maintainer that "Mormonism, Latter Day Saints, The Book of Mormon" all be added to the interests of the community? Afterall, Mormons are Christians, too.]


Posted by: Luxatos J'Lazula Tanniyn-`ebed'el (luxatos)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 09:48 am (UTC)

I know about the single-entity, multiple-form thing... I've been wolf, dolphin, pegasus and four different kinds of dragon, both male and female... but it's always just been me.

Mm... I used to be better at the "greeting" role... I guess I'll just say welcome, and I hope we can fellowship and grow with each other in this community.

Posted by: The Big Bad Bitch (gungho_squirrel)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 10:26 pm (UTC)

Thank you. I've seen you around, so I look forward to possibly getting to know you better through discussion in this community. :)

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: The Big Bad Bitch (gungho_squirrel)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 10:29 pm (UTC)

I look forward to more discussion in the community, and thank you for the welcome and adding those things to the community interests for me.

I'll answer any questions you have about the faith, as well. So feel free to ask. :)

Posted by: werewolf_song (werewolf_song)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 06:07 pm (UTC)

Good to see this place isn't dead!

Posted by: The Big Bad Bitch (gungho_squirrel)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 10:30 pm (UTC)

I certainly hope it isn't.

It's relatively new, so I wouldn't expect it to actually be hopping with conversations yet. o.O

Posted by: Teh Dino! (dinogrrl)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 08:23 pm (UTC)

i think ur stalking me >:{

I mean, hi and welcome :D.

Posted by: The Big Bad Bitch (gungho_squirrel)
Posted at: December 8th, 2005 10:31 pm (UTC)

i am stocking u *sneak sneak sneak*

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