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Teh Dino! [userpic]
by Teh Dino! (dinogrrl)
at November 17th, 2005 (09:43 am)

Hurray hurray.

I'm Dino, resident weirdo and stuff. I'm a geology/paleontology student in South Dakota, but I'm from North Carolina. Yeah, I'm a Southern girl. people make fun of me here because I say 'soda' or 'coke' instead of 'pop' ;_;. (also, my laptop's 'p' key is broken and refuses to write capital letters. Sorry about that)

So...um...I usually refer to myself as a United MethoCathoLutherOtherkin, which is really the shortest way to put it XD. I was raised and baptized United Methodist, so that's mostly where a lot of my doctrine comes from. Although, the past few years I've been interested in Catholicism, and I even attended a Catholic church for a while last year. Yeah, big jump from Methodism to Catholicism :}. Anyway. There are like next to no UM churches here in Rapid City, because South Dakota was populated by a lot of crazy Germans and Scandinavians, so most of the churches here are either Catholic or Lutheran. I was kidnapped by one of my friends into the Lutheran Campus Ministries, so for the past year or so I've been unofficially Lutheran. My friend insists that the Lutheran church is 'just like' the Methodist church. To which I reply that no, it's more like Catholicism for protestants. Which pastor Joann thought was really funny >>.

So that's the part!
Obviously, I'm Otherkin too, else I probably wouldn't be here. What I am exactly...my view of it has changed recently and I need to get down a concise version of my 'kin beliefs. But it's something like this... My spirit (which is the part I feel is Otherkin) does not have a definite form, although it is not human. What usually comes to mind when I think of this is a glowy mist-like thing, kinda like those cool glowy astral dust cloud nebulas or whatever that those super telescopes take pictures of. So yeah, it kinda glows and is a pale blue color. I think this is more of me just trying to put a visual aspect on something incorporeal though.
What it does is shapeshift, assume different forms, wears a different set of clothes, puts a different filter over itself, depending on the situation or random chance or whatever it feels like (I'm not sure). It can only assume certain forms though. I've counted six, plus one who I honestly don't know what to think of.

That one would be A, the critter in my icon, a half demon, half human who turned her back on Evil. She would be the one form who is the most 'stable' for me. The reason she poses a problem to my thoughts is that she, unlike every other form I've assumed, has memories of a life here on earth.
Now, neither of us believe in reincarnation. So there's the problem. How can she have memories of a life? The best explanation she's been able to come up with is that she never died, she just 'shifted' into the spiritual realm, and for some reason (either God's will or random chance) she ended up melded to me.

So I don't completely count her as one of 'my' Otherkin forms, more of like...I don't know, we just overlap a /lot/. Some people out there may call that multiplicity, or walk-in, or soulbonding, or something. We don't really care. A prefers to be called an Otherkin form, though, and since she doesn't 'feel' remotely like any of my soulbonds/headvoices, that's how I refer to her. (yes, I have headvoices too. We're just a great big happy weird family up here)

This past summer, my mom somehow found out about Otherkinism, and that I associate myself with 'those people.' The conversation was roughly something like this:
Mom: I'm scared ;_;. They're so into MAGIC and DEMONS and stuff.
Me: *thinking, 'wow, I'm glad I haven't told her about A then'* Not all of them.
Mom: Well, what are you, then?
Me: I don't know (I don't, really...sorta...)
Mom: I don't get how you can be something besides human.
Me: I am human. It's kinda stupid to think otherwise.
Mom: ...?

I think this was about the point that she got too confused about Otherkin. So I tried approaching it from the angle of 'furries who are really into animals', but she didn't know what furries are. My sister actually spoke up and was explaining something along the lines of spirit animals (as 'animals whose qualities you see in yourself, or wish to emulate'), which was the best explanation we could get.

So yeah. That's about it. Sorry for the rambliness ^^;.

by coyote (fae_nymph)
at November 4th, 2005 (11:08 am)

"lol.. typical Christians"

I read this remark today that followed a nasty rant on some run-ins with people who called themselves Christians. Upon reading this remark, I felt offended.

Then I began to analyze why I felt offended. The two words together made me think. I began to wonder if the whole idea really made any sense to me: a "typical Christian". (particularly in the second half of this article, outlines my thought patterns much more eloquently than I ever could.... yes, it was posted awhile back in otherkin...)

I'm "Christian". I'm not a "watered down version" or a 2.0 version of what a "Christian" is.
Other people might interpret what "Christian" is differently than I do, but that doesn't change what I believe and call myself.

First post. : )
by coyote (fae_nymph)
at November 2nd, 2005 (06:02 pm)

Aaye :)

I was referred here by rialian who kindly thought I'd benefit from introducing myself to other 'kin Christians. I've been watching for awhile but am just now getting around to making my first post.

A little about me:

I grew up in a family that was (and still is) Catholic. As I child I went to church every Sunday, and was enrolled in CCD (sunday school) until I was in middle school. (I did not attend private Catholic school, however.)

As I got older I took an increasing interest in spirituality and started to explore other religions/spiritual belief systems openly. I studied a number of beliefs: (Zen) Buddhism, Celtic paganism, neo-pagaism/Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism are just a few that come to mind immediately. Honestly, these were all were very positive learning experiences, although I have had negative experiences with religion, as well. In my first year of college I became involved in a "Christian" group which, via intuition that lead to some independent research, I later found was not very "Christian" at all. (That's really a whole 'nother story that I'd be happy to share in greater detail if anyone's curious.)

One thing that I remember strongly was receiving a *lot* of flack in the otherkin communities that I belonged to simply because of my faith - or, *more correctly*, what others thought or perceived my faith to be. It's amazing how many non-Christians were telling me what I believed (based on how/what they knew "Christians" to be like) and how so much of what they said was what I *didn't* believe in. And it's not that I ran around yelling that I was Christian or preaching to anyone: it's just whenever I was asked about my spiritual beliefs, I didn't lie.

I'm a Christian. What exactly that means to me is something I'd love to explore and share with this community. I am glad this community is here.

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