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Otherkin and Therian Christians
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This community is mainly targeted at otherkin, multiples and therianthropes who are Christian, though you don't technically *have* to be Christian to join this community...people of all other faiths and practices are welcome to join too, as long as discussions stay on topic. Community is now moderated to keep out trolls and spammers and such.

Just so everyone plays nice (relatively speaking):

1.) Bashing and belittling of other religions and spiritual practices is not cool, so don't do it. This includes proseletizing and attempting to coerce people to your beliefs or way of thinking against their consent.
2.) This community is accepting of people regardless of race, gender, species or sexual orientation.
3.) Prayer requests, Bible discussion, topics on Christianity's early roots, Christianity and nonhumanism, even questioning and debate, are all welcome. Hate-mongering, flaming and narrowmindedness is not.

That being said, have fun party people.